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Breakspear Crematorium

A Guiding Light

[ Image ] Breakspear Crematorium
Breakspear Road, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 7SJ
Telephone: 01895 556560
Email: bcrematorium@hillingdon.gov.uk


Breakspear Crematorium occupies a peaceful site, with its beautiful gardens, natural woodland and tranquil water areas, all containing an abundance of wildlife.

Here at Breakspear Crematorium we are committed to delivering quality services to ensure that the bereavement experience occurs without error or insensitivity and meets the religious secular, ethnic and cultural needs of the bereaved within the whole community.

The type of funeral service and the manner in which it is conducted is entirely a matter of personal choice. Breakspear Crematorium has adopted “The Charter For The Bereaved” and aims to provide a service which meets social, ethical and environmental needs of the community, and offers choices which enables every individual to arrange a meaningful funeral service.

Our mission statement is therefore:

“To comfort the bereaved by providing a range of professional, caring and meaningful services during a time of need”.

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Maintenance Work (1)

Relaying pathway Niche Area Garden Walk I, J, K, L and Kerb Vases 1-33 (June 2015) 

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Maintenance Work

The Babies & Childrens Memorial Garden pathway is currently being replaced (June 2015) 

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